Бизнес элегантность и сила

Lukoil-Komi is the largest user of the Northwest Federal District of Russia. The enterprise was registered in 2001 and is 100% of the child structure of the Pao Lukoil.


The organization works in the Pechora Oil province and engages in geological research, exploration, prospecting and extraction of hydrocarbon raw materials, oil, gas, gas products and oil and gas transportation. For mining, Lukoil is ranked 2 among the "Lukoil" child structures. The total number of staff is 7.3 thousand.

Lukoil is carrying out exploration and mining projects in the territory of 9 municipalities: urban Districts "states", "Ukhta", "engineered", municipal areas "Pechora", "Sosnogorsk", "Izhemskij", "Ust-Cilemskij", "Trinity-Pechora" (RC) and " "The Circumpolar Region" (NAO).

The organization consists of three territorial production enterprises, Lukoil-Usinskneftegaz, Lukoil-Uhtaneftegaz, Lukoil-Severneftegas, as well as separate structural units-Nefteshahtnoe Jareganeft, Usinsky Gazopererabatyvajushij the plant and the Office of production and technical picking.


The enterprise owns 87 licences for Geological study and exploitation of oilfields in the Komi Republic and the Nenets Autonomous District. The Lukoil-Commission develops 64 oil and 1 gas fields. In 2016, it produced 17.2 million tonnes of oil.