Бизнес элегантность и сила


In 1999, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Lukoil, Vagit Alekperov, announced a proposal to purchase 100% of the shares of OAO "Komi Tec". In this way, Komi Tec was included in the Lukoil Group.

The first cooperation agreement between OAO Lukoil and the Government of the Republic of Komi was signed.



2001-As a result of the reform of the Enterprise group "Komitek", a subsidiary company, "Lukoil-Komi", was created with the head office in Usinsk.

2002-Installation of a prerelease of water at the analyzed deposit. It has become an important link in the revival of the unified oil collection, preparation and transportation system.


Year 2003

The installation of oil production in the 2010-LRA oil pipeline is in operation.

Two territorial production enterprises (CCI) have been established: Lukoil-Usinskneftegaz and Lukoil-Uhtaneftegaz based on the assets of the attached OAO Tjebukneft, OAO Uhtaneft, ooo Amkomi and Zao RCM oil.

The first agreements on mutual cooperation between the Lukoil-Komi and the municipal administrations in whose territory the enterprise operates are signed.



Active and extensive work the Lukoil-Komi disaster Management, 1994, has removed the status of the environmental disaster zone from the Usinsk area.

A structural unit Usinsky gas factory has been created.



2008-The Bajandyskoe deposit has been introduced in the experimental industrial exploitation.

2009-LRA-heavy oil training facility was put into operation.

In Moscow, at the 4th Congress of the Small indigenous minorities of the North, Siberia and the Far East, Jasavjej was assigned the Lukoil "best Social partner".


Year 2010

Lukoil had completely eliminated the consequences of the 1994 accident.

The organization has launched a major infrastructure project, the 2010-South Point "cross-target oil pipeline", to transport the increasing quantities of OOO Lukoil-Komi produced in the Nenets Autonomous District, Then pumping to the Varandey Sea terminal.

The enterprise was the winner of the federal Contest "Russian Organization for high social efficiency".


The year 2011

In the Lukoil-Uhtaneftegaz, a headering machine (CP-21) was put into operation, which increased the pace of mining operations in the mines of Jaregi in relation to the traditional Burovzryvnomu method from 1.5 m/PMS to 3 m/PMS.

At production facilities, Lukoil-Usinskneftegaz, a year of the 20th anniversary of the company, was the sixth "Lukoil" "Best in Profession" competition of OAO.



2012-Nefteshahtnoe Office Jareganeft became a separate structure of Lukoil. It was previously part of the Lukoil-Uhtaneftegaz CCI.

Usinsk opened a museum of history of the oil and gas industry, the Tim Pechora ooo Lukoil-Komi.

2013-ooo "Naryanmarneftegas" has been placed under the direction of Lukoil-Komi.



A new installation of the preliminary water discharge (UPSV) "Shheljajur" has been put into operation in the Lukoil-Uhtaneftegaz CCI.

In the East Lambejshorskom field, the Lukoil Drilling department set up an enterprise record, a drilled borehole 5409 m deep.


Year 2015

The Bajandyskom oil field, which has a high hydrogen sulfide content, is operating a sulphur production and granulationing plant. The new equipment has completely disposed of hydrogen sulfide, thereby excluding emissions into the environment and producing 50,000 annually. Granular sulphur, which is a valuable raw material for the chemical industry.



The oil PPSN "Yarega" and the SPMs-700 preparatory plant were put into operation at the Yarega deposits. The last installation is unique. The reservoir water is purified and sent to steam to heat the oil reservoir. Thus, production was given a closed technological cycle. The extraction of water from natural sources is kept to a minimum.

A 100 MW power centre, LRA, has been put into operation in USA fields. It is calculated to use 170 million cubic meters of the associated oil gas from which the electricity is produced.

The launch ceremonies were attended by President Pao "Lukoil" Vagit Alekperov and the head of the Komi Republic, Sergei Gaplikov.